Member News

Ros Black has successfully launched her book”A Talent for Humanity” which tells the story of the life and work of Lady Henry Somerset of Reigate.  Published by CPI Anthony Rowe, Price: £9.99. ISBN No. 978-1-9052-0093-1.

Following Sarah Cox’s crime novels, “Blood is Thicker” and The Wages of Sin”, published by Severn House, Sarah is busy on the third.

Ann Pattison‘s first novel “Notes Out of Time” is available from priced £7.99.

Teresa Tipping‘s short story “Annie’s Bus Journey to Lima” has been included in the Hay & District Community Support anthology, “Loss & Deception”, (£7) Tel. 01497 821031.

Published by AuthorHouse, “Travel with Assassins” by Henry Etwaroo is available online from Amazon and WH Smith.  ISBN No. 9781425998615.

Geoffrey David West has published three Kindle books (The Jack Lockwood Mysteries) and five non-fiction books for Crowood Press. Details on his website:  Geoffrey David West writing

Jane Davis has published several works of fiction. Her first novel ‘Half-truths and White Lies’, won the Daily Mail First Novel Award. Details are on her website:  Jane Davis writing

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