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10th May

Writing, illustrating and cartoons with Helena Vaughan and Penny Haynes

Writing and illustration go hand in hand, whether it’s an accompaniment to prose, a simple book cover, or a cleverly-conveyed visual story. We are delighted to have two local artists join us for this session.

Helena Vaughan is an artist and writer of illustrated children’s book, two of which have been published. Helena has also been involved in organising CAOS, the successful Carshalton Artists Open Studios, where visitors visit studios in the area. We look forward to Helena sharing with us the pleasures of writing children’s books and also illustrating them. It will be interesting to talk to an artist – what possibilities are there for illustrating our work, or perhaps in cover design?

Penny Haynes is a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and watercolour painter. Penny trained in graphic design at Loughborough College of Art. She produces whimsical cartoons showing gently humorous pictures of animals and animal lovers and illustrates books and websites. She also creates work in a range of other media including watercolour, pen and ink, linocut, collagraph and drypoint etching. She undertakes commissions to create personalised cartoon strips to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and retirements.

12th April

Sarah Hobbs talks poetry

Details to come…

8th March

Writing historical fiction with Alison Weir

Eminent historian and historical novelist (and President of Sutton Writers), Alison is the biggest-selling female historian (and the fifth best-selling historian) in the United Kingdom since records began in 1997. She has published twenty-three titles and sold more than 2.7 million books – over a million in the UK and more than 1.7 million in the USA. She is now working on two concurrent series of books: Six Tudor Queens, comprising six novels on the wives of Henry VIII (with associated e-books), and England’s Medieval Queens, a quartet of historical works of non-fiction. A further series of books will be announced next year.

8th February

Podcasting for writers

Podcasts have been around for a long time, but have grown hugely popular in recent years thanks to such narrative-driven podcasts as Serial and Welcome to Nightvale. The format holds plenty of scope for creativity, whether for fiction writers, journalists, essayists or even poets. Join Chris Hawton, host of The All-New Adventures of the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, and Andy Mallon, editor of the Man Booker Prize podcast, to hear more about what it takes to put a podcast together, how writers can harness the format, and even look at the podcasts helping writers to get better at their craft.

Our hosts made a podcast of the evening! Listen to it on the Sutton Writers Soundcloud

11th January

James Miller, author

Author James Miller joins us to talk to us about writing his latest book, UnAmerican Activities. James will talk about-the challenge we face, as writers, of representing ‘reality’ in a deranged and decentered world dominated by media images of itself. For more information about James Miller, please visit his website.


14th September

Simon Woodham interviews his agent (film scripts)

12th October

Winsome Pinnock, award winning playwright

Sutton Writers are very pleased to have playwright Winsome Pinnock join us. Winsome Pinnock is an award winning British playwright of Jamaican heritage. Winsome has had over 15 plays produced and won lots of awards, including the Thames Television Award for best play of the year. She was the first black woman to have a play produced at the National Theatre with Leave Taking in 1988. The Guardian described her as “the godmother of black British playwrights.” Not only is she an illustrious playwright but she’s also a senior lecturer at Kingston University. Winsome is a truly inspirational figure and we look forward to her talk.

9th November

Lucy Furlong: Annie Kenney: A Suffragette’s story in 100 words

Sutton Writers are very pleased to have Lucy Furlong join us to talk about the amazing Annie Kenney and the 100 DAYS project, which has highlighted so many stories and given new perspectives into people’s lives during the First World War.

In partnership with the Imperial War Museum, the 100 DAYS project engaged 100 volunteer writers from 26 Characters Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation representing a diverse group of people who share a love of words. Each writer created a 100 word piece (a centena) inspired by and based on the life of a real individual who experienced the First World War. The centenas are being released daily, from 5th August to 12th November, each day showcasing the work of different members of the Partnership.

Lucy Furlong chose Annie Kenney, the only working class suffragette on the board of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU). Her challenge was to give Annie her voice, and in 100 words, show her vital contribution to women getting the vote in 1918.

14th December

Christmas Party and SLAM

11th January 2019 

James Miller, humorous travel writer

8th February 

Kate Harrison, 5:2 diet books or Erin, crime writer.

8th March


12th April



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