Welcome to Sutton Writers

Welcome to Sutton Writers

A friendly and supportive writing community

Who We Are

Sutton Writers is an inclusive organisation that seeks to help and encourage creative writers. Some of our members are published, though many write purely for their own pleasure, and others have joined us to share...
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When We Meet

Membership of Sutton Writers gives you access to a plethora of meetings, workshops, competitions and opportunities to improve your writing. Join us on Meetup.com We promote our events and meetings via MeetUp.com. It’s an excellent...
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Why Join Us?

Sutton Writers offers much support to its membership. Our main strengths are the relationships forged with other local writers at workshops and Write Together sessions. New and experienced writers working in a range of genres...
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How I got commissioned by a charity anthology
Sutton Writers member Chris Hawton writes about how he discovered a publishing opportunity on social media
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Taking the NaNoWriMo challenge
Sutton Writers member Rosie O'Carroll writes about her experience with National Novel Writing Month in November
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Reflections on our first poetry workshop
Reviving a traditional workshop, the first new poetry workshop was held at Pat Wilson’s on...
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President’s Prize now open for members
Our special short story competition is now open to all members. First prize is your name on the shield and £50.
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