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#AMA with SciFi Sensation Gareth Powell

Tuesday 9 March 2021; RSVP on

Gareth will open up in an exclusive Ask Me Anything hour with Sutton Writers. Come armed with questions about inspiration, habits and what his current tea leaf blend is.

Your speaker: Gareth L. Powell writes science fiction about extraordinary characters wrestling with the question of what it means to be human. He has won and been shortlisted for several major awards, and his Embers of War novels are currently being adapted for television.

Instagram: @garethlpowell
Twitter: @garethlpowell

Peter Laws

Tuesday 11 May 2021; RSVP on

MASTERCLASS with Vicky Brewster: Plotting for Pantsers

Tuesday 13 April 2021; Buy tickets on Eventbrite (£12)

Vicky is a freelance editor of long form fiction living in South Wales. She organises (usually) annual gothic writing retreat, The Writing Haunt, and curates the spooky and speculative book subscription service, Books Outside the Box. She is the second year of a part-time PhD in English at Swansea University, researching hauntings in 21st century fiction. She is currently working on an advent calendar choose your own adventure story to be released in November.

It is commonly accepted in the writing community that many writers fit into one of two camps: planners or pantsers. Those who work best by planning their projects in advance, and those who work best by making it up as they go along. But the majority of structured advice and suggested ways of working are aimed at planners, or work towards trying to make pantsers work more like planners. This masterclass aims to look at ways to help pantsers work effectively in their preferred way of working, and mitigating any difficulties that might come with making it up as you go along. It will also show how pantsing methods can help planners to be more spontaneous, embrace new ideas, and think about more flexible ways of working. In terms of content, this masterclass will work on the topics of: – What is pantsing, and where do I fall on the spectrum? 
– How to set targets and goals when there’s no plan 
– Non-linear writing: pros and cons 
– Maintaining plot consistency 
– Getting to the finish line without knowing what it is 
– How to keep writing interesting after the first draft

Instagram: @vickybrewstereditor
Twitter: @VProofreader

Sutton Writers was delighted to welcome back our guest speaker Peter Laws. Peter shared some of the lessons he’s learned writing publishing both fiction and non-fiction during his varied career.

Peter Laws is an ordained Reverend with a taste for the macabre. He writes a monthly column in The Fortean Times magazine and is the creator of the acclaimed Matt Hunter crime-fiction series, published by Allison and Busby. The latest, Possessed, explores the world of murder and demonic possession. He wrote the non-fiction book ’The Frighteners: Why We Love Monsters, Ghosts, Death and Gore’ for ICON Books where he travelled to Transylvania, Rome and across the UK explaining (and defending) the human morbid streak. 

He is the creator of Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast, a regular ‘church service’ complete with Gothic hymns, spooky sermons and eerie prayers: all broadcast from a mysterious haunted fishing town…where every horror film actually happened. The podcast is a mixture of comedy, drama and non-judgmental spirituality and has been described as ‘Songs of Praise meets Stephen King’. 
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