Sutton Writers

When We Meet

Our regular meeting hall has been closed due to the Coronavirus situation. We are operating a digital schedule in the meantime; find details here.

Membership of Sutton Writers gives you access to a plethora of meetings, workshops, competitions and opportunities to improve your writing.

Join us on

We promote our events and meetings via It’s an excellent platform for attracting new members who are searching for a friendly local writing community, and is easily accessible via a browser or smartphone app.

If members register on MeetUp and join the Sutton Writers group they will be notified of all upcoming events. Sutton Writers encourages all members to RSVP to our MeetUp events so that non-members may see how active we are.

We don’t currently collect any payment via MeetUp; any fees due, either for visiting a meeting or workshop, or for annual subscriptions, should be paid directly to the Treasurer.

Monthly meetings

If you want an up-to-date perspective on writing and publishing come to our monthly meetings and listen to the advice offered by our experienced speakers. They may give you the inspiration you need to get started or the determination to keep going.

The monthly meetings begin at 8pm with a chance for informal chats with other members before the meeting proper opens with relevant notices. Meetings normally have a single speaker, however some will have sessions from different speakers.

There is normally an opportunity to ask questions at the end. Occasionally, we have a lively workshop or a poetry and/or prose slam instead of a speaker.

Meetings close by 10pm.

Attendance is free to members and first-time attendees.


Writing alone can result in an echo chamber – is it any good? Is this the direction you should be taking with this character? Sometimes it’s good to get out of your own head and get feedback and support from those who know what you’re going through.

That’s why we consider writing workshops to be the very heart of Sutton Writers and attendeees are united in their enthusiasm and support for their fellow writers. Our workshops are a safe place to share.

In addition to our regular montly meeting, our current workshop schedule includes:

  • A Prose Critique group where members share their work and get feedback on writing in progress
  • A Sci-fi and Fantasy group which discusses the craft of writing in the genre and share work
  • A regular Poetry workshop which discusses the craft of writing poems and during which members share and get feedback on their work

All of the above events are held on a Wednesday evening from 8pm and are included in the annual membership fee

Each workshop runs for two hours at a time, in and around Sutton, or virtually. Please contact us for details at

Write Together

It can sometimes be hard to get the motivation, or even just the time, to write. Sometimes we need a change of scenery and some creative energy in the air. If you’re feeling this, and want to make progress, come along and sit among your fellow writers at this writing session.

These sessions do exactly what they say on the tin: you sit, and you write. It’s protected time for creativity, with the bonus of having others in the same boat alongside you. You won’t be reading out any work – you can keep it totally to yourself – and there won’t be any guest speakers. This is really just about getting words on a page in a supportive atmosphere – a way to get rid of those procrastination demons.

Bring yourself, your laptop/paper and pen, get some food and drink if you want some, and get some work done on your own current project. If you don’t have something on the go, we usually have some writing prompts and tools available for you to play around with – you never know, they might just inspire your next work of art!

Look for a table of writerly types – we’ll be the ones with laptops at a pub! – and come and say hi. Stay for the whole session, or pop in for as long as you can.

Get in touch for details