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Speaker schedule 2019/20

The Covid-19/coronavirus situation interrupted our plans for 2019/20. Here’s how it went down before the lockdown.

14 April: April Fool’s SLAM


12 May: Visit from Fiona Harper


9 June: The anatomy of a ghost story


14 July: AGM and share your work workshop

More information to follow

10 March: Writing coach Celine Terranova on how to finish your work

We’re excited to welcome writing coach and mentor Celine Terranova, aka the Part Time Artist, to Sutton Writers. Celine spends her time helping artists of all styles to be more productive, inspired and motivated while holding down busy non-writing lives. She’s going to run one of her acclaimed workshops for us, helping you to push through to the end of your project – whether that’s a novel, short story, poem, play, script, memoir, or anything else you are creating.

Celine is an author, coach, trainer and podcaster passionate about creativity and wellbeing. She was born in Mons, a small town in the south of Belgium.  From a very young age, she was interested in stories and books. She honed her skills by writing several fanfictions that were very well received by the public. She also studied Physics until the master level, but decided ultimately that she wanted to work in the creative sector. In 2012, she moved to London, where she started working in the theatre industry, alongside writing.

On the writing side, she published several short stories in magazines, she produced a short film and she recently completed her first scifi YA novel. All along her writing career, she aimed to find a balance between art and day job. In 2019, she published her first non-fiction book, “The Part-Time Artist”. Her second book, “Happy, Not Tortured: A Mental Health Guide For Artists And Creative People”, will be published in April 2020.

More information:

11 February: Visit from Sutton Filmmakers

Sutton Writers is pleased to welcome Sutton Filmmakers, who are sending some of their talented members to join us. There will be a scriptwriter and two filmmakers who have created feature-length films, documentaries and news. The session will focus on script writing, with particular reference to the collaboration between writers and filmmakers, and the process of film-making itself. It’s set to be a very interesting and interactive session.

More information on Sutton Filmmakers can be found at:

14 January: Visit from an editor and proofreader: Kasia Trojanowska

Sutton Writers is pleased to welcome editor and proofreader Kasia Trojanowska, an accredited member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP). This is your chance to grill an editor about what they need from you as a writer, so get thinking and bring everything you’ve ever wanted to know but were too afraid to ask!

10 December: Christmas party and performance of original sketches

It’s the time of year when Sutton Writers celebrate the holidays and this year we are inviting members to perform original sketches for the amusement and delight of all those gathered. Applause and prizes will be the reward of the pieces judged best by the audience on the night.

12 November: Performing your own work, with John Wheeler

By popular demand, John Wheeler will be returning to Sutton Writers with an interactive workshop on performing your own written work. Members should bring along short performances pieces as there will be an opportunity to apply what we have learned at the end of the workshop.

8 October: Flash fiction competition

Time to get your pens and minds sharpened! We’ll be exploring the short form of writing this month with a flash fiction competition. No planning, no preparation, just write to a theme chosen on the night. You’ll have a set time to create something brand new in the briefest of forms possible, then if you want to you can read it out and be in the running for a prize. We’ll have two rounds of competition, so limber up and come ready to create.

10 September: Writing resources and President’s Prize winners

Members are invited to bring writing resources they have found useful to share with others.  This may be:

  • Books (printed, ebooks and audible)
  • Websites and forums
  • Software
  • Retreats and activities

The winners of the President’s Prize will read out their winning stories.

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