Sutton Writers

Who We Are

Sutton Writers is an inclusive organisation that seeks to help and encourage creative writers. Some of our members are published, though many write purely for their own pleasure, and others have joined us to share their writing with others whose opinion they respect and trust.

It’s sometimes difficult to write alone; simply talking to like-minded people can be a help, enabling the writer to see their own way forward.

To join, there is no minimum qualification, no audition – every member is equal, welcomed and encouraged. We meet monthly to hear from speakers across the writing and publishing fields, and we have weekly workshops where members can share work in progress and receive feedback across a wide range of genres.

“Writing” can encompass so many different aspects of the craft, and we aim to support and encourage creatives no matter their chosen genre or format. Our members have a wide range of writing interests – there are always a few novels of diverse genres, poetry, playwriting, short stories, works of fact or fiction, all at various stages from an idea to the final draft.

A writing group for now, and the future

We live in a changing world where technology offers both challenges and opportunities, and we are committed to an awareness and a use of the developments available to improve our offering and assist our members. Our speakers to date have included authors, agents and publishers, but also podcasters, illustrators and marketers – and we’re always open to suggestions for engaging, interesting and educational guests.  

The various workshops offer an opportunity for us to share our work and to get opinions, help and advice. Our work is personal to us and we all share the same feelings, so any criticism is always gentle and constructive.

We also run our own closed competitions, and all members are welcome to enter. Slams and open mic nights are a regular feature, too.

Members of all ages (over 18) and backgrounds are welcome at Sutton Writers. If you’re on the fence about whether our group is for you, get in touch for an informal chat – or better yet, come to an event and see for yourself. The first visit is free!