Sutton Writers

Why Join Us?

Sutton Writers offers much support to its membership.

Our main strengths are the relationships forged with other local writers at workshops and Write Together sessions. New and experienced writers working in a range of genres can learn a great deal from sharing their work, ideas and experiences. If you are a regular attendee, you will find the discipline of regularly sharing your work will help you to keep going and finish your poem, story or novel.

Our Write Together evenings are a prime example of how effective co-working can be for stimulating those creative juices. When you see other scribes hard at work, you find your fingers touched by magic and the ideas just keep flowing – as does the wine, beer and lemonade!

Members of Sutton Writers are all very friendly, helpful and supportive. We often can’t wait to hear the next instalment of a piece read at workshops, and are always on hand as cheerleader or critical friend, whatever will benefit you the most.

While it’s not our remit to find you a publisher or agent – purely to support you in your own writing journey – many members do get to see their work in print; we have produced anthologies in the past and always seek the next potential project.

Workshops to help improve your writing

Writing workshops are the heart of Sutton Writers.

Writing can be a solitary business and our members value the opportunity to come together regularly and share their writing as it progresses, getting and giving constructive feedback.  You can develop your writing, relight your creative spark and gain insight from other writers.

A typical workshop group is very varied, with writers working in different genres (thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi, romance etc.) and writing for different purposes (novels, short stories, scripts, competitions). They are enthusiastic and safe places for writers to share their work – often a quite difficult thing to contemplate for the first time!

Make friends and improve your writing by joining one of our workshops. Each workshop runs twice a month for two hours at a time, in and around Sutton.

Members can attend workshops free of charge.

What you get for your membership fee

  • Access to in-person and virtual workshops, speakers and classes
  • Support, feedback and relationships with other writers

Is your interest piqued?

Want more information on workshops, our meetings, or the support we offer? Get in touch by email at