Meet our November speaker: Rachel Powell

Meet our November speaker: Rachel Powell

Want to share your work but stuck on that first step, watching, waiting for some sign that it’ll all be ok? Our November guest speaker has something to say about that.

Rachel Powell is a poet, blogger, writer, artist and coach who believes we can all have a life filled with passion and purpose, and she espouses the virtues of the “anti-hustle”. She channels her life experiences – not only of burnout from the daily grind, but also learning how to walk again after an accident that left her paralysed – into her art; she believes writing poetry saved her life. She used the written word to explore the big emotions, thoughts and stories attached to the trauma in her life.

As tempting as it would be to keep those big emotions to herself, Rachel started exploring spoken word poetry as an outlet, a way to release of those emotions. She calls herself an “intentionally feral writer of poetry and prose”; she’s never been formally trained in writing and has no intention to change that.

“I write from the ‘place of the scar’ and also the wound,” she writes on her website. “A practice of finding meaning and healing through creative writing. Some of my work is as intense for me to write and share as it is for the audience to hear…

“Poets have a sacred calling, to find the words to express the big events of life, to explore the meaning of being human and to help others by sharing their words with the world.”

But this session won’t just be for the poets. If you get the sweats at the thought of sharing your precious words with anyone, even just one person, Rachel will help you to tap into the courage within, to go on a journey towards your authentic voice, and find that release in sharing your work that helped her so much.

Part-conversation, part-interaction, part-workshop, this session is already causing a stir! Join us by RSVPing on

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