My three years are up, time for me to give more time to my own writing and pass the Chair on to Lauren and Kirsteen. I’m delighted to see ladies take over, who are younger people, and for the job to be shared.

Being part of a body of writers is never boring. A writer is never short of an opinion, and usually pleased to share it! But that makes life interesting – to hear through their writing how people see the world, what ‘floats their boat’.

There are many characters in Sutton Writers, and I have relished the variety of plays, poetry, novels, short stories I have shared in the workshops and I find the camaraderie of putting  my own writing to one side for a short time and concentrating on helping a colleague a great pleasure. If gives you a chance to put something back in. And I have found it goes outside those meetings – the quality of editing and proofreading , of layout and presentation of my books has been selflessly committed by other members.

As Chair you try to look to the future and to strengthen the present. I am convinced SW needs to be bigger, younger and to embrace technology. That we need to encourage young people and schools and to nurture the next generation of writers.  To embrace some ‘blue sky’ thinking. The ability and desire to write is a gift, to work with other writers an opportunity, and to encourage the young and share our experience a duty.

I’m confident we’re in good hands and I’ll still be around to offer my support. Thank you to all who have helped (and challenged me). I look forward to it being my turn now!

Bernard Jacobs
24 July 2020

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