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#AMA with SciFi Sensation Gareth Powell

Tuesday 9 March 2021; RSVP on

Gareth will open up in an exclusive Ask Me Anything hour with Sutton Writers. Come armed with questions about inspiration, habits and what his current tea leaf blend is.

Your speaker: Gareth L. Powell writes science fiction about extraordinary characters wrestling with the question of what it means to be human. He has won and been shortlisted for several major awards, and his Embers of War novels are currently being adapted for television.

Instagram: @garethlpowell
Twitter: @garethlpowell

MASTERCLASS with Vicky Brewster: Plotting for Pantsers

Tuesday 13 April 2021; Buy tickets on Eventbrite (£12)

Vicky will be providing some useful tips for writing by the seat of your pants in a way that does not result in major plot holes. Perfect for all pantsers and those vehemently opposed to plotting.

Your speaker: Vicky is a seasoned editor who spends her days unravelling author’s manuscripts. She also runs a spooky writing retreat called The Haunt.

Instagram: @vickybrewstereditor
Twitter: @VProofreader

Peter Laws

Tuesday 11 May 2021; RSVP on

Peter Laws is an author, journalist, film critic and public speaker. He is the creator of the Creepy Cove Community Church Podcast, and also the Matt Hunter novel series. The first of which, ‘Purged‘, was released in February 2017, followed by ‘Unleashed‘ in 2018 and ‘Severed‘ in 2019. The fourth, ‘Possessed‘ was published in February 2020. He’s an ordained Reverend with a fascination for the macabre. 

He writes a monthly column for the print magazine The Fortean Times. 

His acclaimed non-fiction book The Frighteners was released in the UK and US in 2018. It’s currently being translated into Chinese. (His first novel Purged, was released in German translation by Bastei Lubbe in December 2018, retitled ‘Suhneopfer’. The translation of ‘Unleashed’ came out in 2019). 

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