An Update On Our Digital Workshops

An Update On Our Digital Workshops

While the UK Government is starting to relax some rules around social distancing and lockdown, it’s clear that we won’t be able to restart in-person meetings any time soon. However, we are continuing to host digital events, including our regular workshops, over Zoom while we cannot meet in the real world. Here’s a reminder of what you, as a member of Sutton Writers, have access to digitally.


We’re currently hosting two digital workshops, and there is scope to host more if there is demand. If you’re curious about how these look and feel, member Catherine Hodson wrote this blog for the Sutton Writers website about what it’s like to attend a workshop by Zoom.

8pm on the 1st & 3rd Monday
John’s regular workshop on the first and third Monday of every month continues on Zoom. This is a turn-up-and-read event, and you don’t need to have booked a place to test out your work and get feedback from those present. Join it on Zoom by clicking this link. If you don’t already have the Zoom programme, this link will prompt you to download it. If it asks for a password, use Workshop.

8pm on the 2nd & 4th Wednesday

Kirsteen’s regular workshop on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month was our first to move to Zoom, and it’s now a fine-tuned thing of glory. There is time for three or four writers to receive feedback, and work is shared in advance to ensure the feedback is meaningful and helpful. This workshop is quite full, so if you’d like to join it please email us and we’ll advise if there’s room. 

Online retreats

We’ve also recently launched an “online retreat” every Saturday morning at 10.30am-noon. This is the digital version of our old pub writing sessions, and provide a space for dedicated and concentrated writing time. Hosted by Lauren, we’ll ask you to set a goal for the session – whether it’s a word count or a task – and then we’ll check in at the end to see how you went. Writing is such a solitary and lonely beast sometimes; it can be really helpful and motivating to look up and see others in the same boat. Read more about the sessions here, where you’ll also find joining details.

Need something else?

As the world slowly eases back to normal, we’re looking to keep some of our digital offerings to help be a more inclusive and supportive community. If there’s something you’d like us to consider, please email us with a suggestion. Or better yet – stand for the committee in 2020/21! The AGM is looming, and we’ll be asking for volunteers to help bring Sutton Writers into the digital age and beyond. Details were included in our last newsletter, which you can read here.

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