New speaker announced: Abigail Mann on writing funny

New speaker announced: Abigail Mann on writing funny

We’re pleased to welcome comedy novelist Abigail Mann to the Sutton Writers’ fold. Abigail will run a session on how to write comedy narratives on 13 October 2020.

This workshop will take writers on a fun and explorative journey through comedy writing and the many ways it can inform your narrative, from belly laughing anecdotes to pithy quips. We’ll look at finding your voice, drawing on life experience, and comedic description, as well as the core of all good narratives; conflict and tension. A number of exercises will help flex your comedic muscles and we’ll close with a Q&A. Even if comedy writing isn’t part of your usual remit, all of the principles we look at will help with drama, characterisation, and authentic dialogue.

Your speaker: Abigail is a comedy writer living in London and surviving on a diet of three-shot coffee, bourbons, and vegetarian sausage rolls. She was born and brought up in Norfolk, which she says is to blame for the sardonic humour that runs through her novels. Abigail was the runner up in 2019’s Comedy Women in Print award for THE LONELY FAJITA: her first novel. Abigail takes inspiration from unconventional cross-sections of modern society and the impact this has on identity and the relationships we create, with lots of laughs along the way.

Instagram: @abigailemann
Twitter: @abigailemann

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