The start the first of our new genre based workshops will be held on Wednesday, 4 December, at 8pm (duration 2 hours) and replace the workshop which would normally be held on that date. At present the thought is to hold a Poetry Workshop quarterly but if there is sufficient interest it can be held more frequently; I understand that in the past there was a monthly one!


Pat Wilson has kindly offered to host this meeting at her house. Many of us will know where Pat lives in Sutton, but if you don’t more details will follow.

What will we do? 

This is a pilot, and the content will change as we explore the wishes of those attending.

As with all our workshops, bringing a poem(s) you have written, and reading aloud, will be central. We can then all benefit from the comments of other writers.

It has been suggested we might also learn more about poetry. Again everybody is invited to bring something written by their favourite poet and to tell us what they find particularly attractive about the piece, and to discuss it.

We also thought we might have a short session on poetry forms, perhaps taking one form and discussing it, as well as more general discussion about poetry and writing poetry.

Finally we thought we would set ourselves a task, a piece of ‘homework’, which we can talk about to start the next meeting.

Any other ideas are warmly welcome.

How do I find out more ? 

If you are interested please email  suttonwriters@yahoo.com  or me personally at cbwriter168@outlook.com to express your interest, or talk to any committee member.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

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